Common Skin Conditions in Pets

Itchy pets are miserable, and often their owners are miserable too because they love their furry pal so much they dislike seeing them so obviously uncomfortable. An itchy pet can scratch so much that they break their skin. The resulting injury makes the pet susceptible to bacterial infections and yeast overgrowth, affecting their quality of [...]

The Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Among pet owner responsibilities, few decisions carry as much weight as choosing to spay or neuter your furry pal. While this surgery is necessary to prevent pregnancy, the choice to spay or neuter has additional positive impacts, such as influencing the health and well-being of individual pets and the broader pet population. Our Haskell Valley [...]

Understanding and Addressing Resorptive Lesions in Cats

As a responsible cat owner, you prioritize your furry friend's health and well-being. You ensure that their vaccines are up to date, but do you also ensure they receive at-home and professional dental care? February is Pet Dental Health Month, so our Haskell Valley Veterinary Clinic team is reminding you how to maintain your cat’s [...]

Understanding Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Pets

As a devoted pet owner, you cherish the boundless energy and playful antics of your furry friend. But as your pet ages, you might notice changes in their behavior that go beyond the normal signs of aging. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) is a condition similar to dementia in humans, affecting the cognitive abilities of older [...]

Treat Your Pet to a Safe Holiday

If your pet could talk, they’d probably tell you they deserve a special treat every day, and we  agree! The holiday season is a great time to treat your pet to help them feel they are truly part of the family. Delicious, festive treats are an important part of every holiday celebration, but the treats [...]

10 Often Overlooked Signs That Mean Your Pet Needs an Exam

If only pets could talk, veterinary professionals’ jobs and pet owners’ responsibilities would be so much easier. You would know exactly when your furry pal requires veterinary care without second-guessing yourself, and you would be able to pinpoint the problem. Alas, our four-legged friends don’t have the best conversational skills, so allow our Haskell Valley [...]

4 Sustainable DIY Toys for Pets

Dogs and cats need enrichment opportunities to stimulate their minds and remain physically healthy, but keeping them engaged with novel toys and games can be challenging. Fortunately, you can repurpose everyday household items into exciting and enriching toys your pet will love. Do-it-yourself (DIY) enrichment toys not only help to reduce waste but also allow [...]

Detect and Protect: Changing the Course of Chronic Kidney Disease in Pets

About 1% to 3% of pets have chronic kidney disease, but the percentages increase sharply in older animals—up to 10% of senior dogs and 35% of senior cats. Despite these numbers, many of our furry pals go undiagnosed for long periods before the need for treatment is determined. Unfortunately, the longer the disease goes untreated, [...]

Dog Vomiting 101

Vomiting in dogs is a common presenting complaint and can be caused by numerous disease processes. Our Haskell Valley Veterinary Clinic team knows how upset you can be when your canine friend vomits, so we provide information about vomiting causes in dogs, when you should be concerned, and how the issue is treated. Dog vomiting [...]

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