Let’s Eat! Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Raise your glasses and ready your forks—it’s time for Thanksgiving dinner. But, before you toast your family and friends with your gratitude, do you know where your pets are? Or what they’re doing? Turkey day may be bountiful with food and drink for people, but it’s a harvest of hazards for dogs and cats. Haskell [...]

5 Tricks to Treat Your Pet to a Safe Halloween

As Halloween approaches, take some time to consider the festivities from your pet’s perspective—costumed strangers, masks, doorbells, and the constant commotion can be a nightmare for them. Haskell Valley Veterinary Clinic has five tips to help you plan a safe, calm, fear-free night of fun for you and your pet.  #1: Cutest pup-kin in the [...]

Heat Warning—Pet Summer Heat Safety

Summer is for friends and family, and because your pet is obviously both, you will want to include them in all your summer activities. Haskell Veterinary Clinic knows you would never intentionally put your pet in harm's way, but each year countless owners unknowingly put their pets at risk for heat-related injuries, and potentially fatal [...]

Questions Answered About Your Pet’s July Fourth Fears

No matter how much you try to soothe your pet’s anxiety, they become a trembling fur ball during the July Fourth festivities. You hate to see them so upset, but you are not sure what steps to take next. The team at Haskell Valley Veterinary Clinic wants to answer your questions concerning your pet’s fear [...]

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